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On historical ground

The production of spirits started in Brenneriroa, Løten in 1855 and lasted until 1995. It is with awe and excitement the founders of Hedmark Alkemiske Destilleri AS will once again start distilling in this great location in Norway. Aquavit, or akevitt as we say in Norwegian, will be our first product.

New spirits based on local traditions, local herbs, berries and spices will be introduced this year.

As alchemists, we will also bring new strange brew to those who dare.

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To the right, you can see our first aquavit, Munnskjenk. Read more below.

Foto: Jens Haugen

MunnSkjenk_Gul_skrift copy.jpg
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Our first Aquavit

Munnskjenk - The Cup-bearer

We want to renew and rethink how we make and present aguavit. Aquavit should have a character based on its origin. The tase should reflect the region where it's being produced with local herbs and fruits are appreciated. In our label we used a potato print to give homage to the potato spirit used in aquavit - and we are from the potato-region.


Our new Aquavit,  Munnskjenk, has clear notes from our fruitful region - Hedmark. It is full bodied, a fresh note of sitrus and caraway, and you can taste notes from sherry caskets, rowanberries, anis and fennel. We also added wild strawberries from Hedmark. It's well balanced with a long finish.

The name?    

The cup-bearer (Munnskjenk) used to be an high ranking oficer or noble man who worked at the roual courts. The main task was to serve Kings and Queens good wine and drinks, and make sure the were not plotted against and poisoned. As the modern day Munnskjenk, we will do the job of developing high quality, interesting, tasty spirits that will give you a splendid experience. 

Our first Aquavit was developed in a cooperation with the internationally recognised Master Destiller and maker of excellent Gin, Stig Bareksten og OSS Kraft Distillery.

Our mission with Mr. Bareksten was to make the ultimate tasty aquavit that represent our region, Hedmark. You decide if we made the mark.

Label designed by ANTI.

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